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Africa and Free trade economy

Free trade or economic liberalization occurs when there are no artificial barriers put in place by government to restrict the flow of goods and services between trading nations. When trade barriers, such as tariffs and subsides are put in place, they protect domestic producers from international competition and redirect, rather than create trade flows. Although […]

Sideen u dilay sacayga!

Waxaa jirta sheeko loo yaqaano sacaaga dil waxayna ku qorantahay buugga ‘Himilaadaada hano’ ee uu qoray Dr. Mohamed siibed, asalka sheekadaaan waxaa laga soo wariyey buugga ‘Barri baa waxaa jiray sac’ ee uu qoray Dr. Cruz Camilo. Goortii aan aqriyey sheekada waxaan ahaa arday aqrista jaamacadda Somalia gaar ahaan kuliyada arimaha bulshada, waxaan jaamacadda dhigtaa oo […]

Turkey’s Assistance Model in Somalia: Achieving Much With Little!

Turkey has become one of the most prominent donors in Somalia, eclipsing many traditional donors both in quantity and quality of its assistance. Likewise, Ankara has become a major trading partner with Somalia, particularly in the construction, transportation and service sectors. As of February 2016, the two countries have either signed or are in the […]

The Story of a Hate Crime

Two summers ago, Deah Barakat and his roommate, Imad Ahmad, were moving into a condominium complex in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, when another resident stopped by. He was a burly forty-four-year-old named Craig Hicks, and he was intent on underlining the parking rules: spaces were limited to one for the resident and one for a […]

10 years of struggle and success!

In 2005 i was student at Dugsi Quraan, everyday i saw some of my friends going to school and wear their yellow or white clothes and i always asked myself when will you go school? Fortunately, in mid of 2006 there was a local school which is opened free of charge, it was my first […]

Waa maxay Guusha?

Guusha way macno badantahay mana lahan qeexitaan u gooni ah oo la isku raacay, dadka intooda badan waxay baadi goobaan guusha waxayna ku kala aragti duwanyihiin fikradahooda ku’aadan guusha balse waxaa jirta hal u jeedo oo ay kamideysan yihiin taasoo ah in wax lagaaro. Guusha waa dareen kudhisan farxad waxayna timaadaa markii aad yoolkaada ama […]

‘Here, unemployment is a normal’

“Each year, hundreds decide to try their luck against all odds, by getting to the shores of Europe, crossing continents, deserts and dangerous seas. Most of them do not make it and many perish on the way, Here, the unemployment is a normal.” said by Farhan, Social activist. Somalia was very poor by any standard. […]